Servo Voltage Stabilizer is a product that is built especially for governing voltage fluctuation. It is developed to give desired voltage output. The product is built of various components that make it the best voltage stabilizer in the world. The Microprocessor Control Card serves as the Brain of the Servo Voltage Stabilizer. The card senses the fluctuation from the input supply and sends correcting commands to Servo Motor to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. The command depends on the voltage requirement, which needs to be increased or decreased. The Servo Motor pushes the mechanism of Carbon Brushes/Rollers that are located on Copper Wounded Regulators/Coils. It ultimately regulates the fluctuating voltage and maintains the stabilized output within a few seconds. BILGON is the leading manufacturer of Servo Voltage Stabilizers in India. We are helping the industry to overcome the problem of voltage fluctuation.

Usage of Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

There are various uses of Servo Voltage Stabilizers, some conditions are mentioned below:

  • Unbalanced Voltage: This problem is faced by major industries, where common transformers are used to distribute power to multiple destinations. With Servo Voltage Stabilizers, the power distribution is smooth and balanced.
  • High Voltage: High Voltage is generated by disconnection of large loads, atmospheric events, increase of voltage at the generating plant or other reasons. Such surges can be avoided with stabilizers.
  • Low Voltage: This situation is caused due to undersized distribution lines, a connection of large loads, ground faults or other causes. To prevent affecting the machines/equipment, Servo Voltage Stabilizers have proved their worth.

User field of the applications

  • Information Technology and call center
  • Commercial Building and Complexes.
  • Computers and Micro Processor Control Systems.
  • CNC Machines, Laser Machines, Moulding Machines.
  • Central Air- Conditioning plants, Processing Plants, Chemical Industries, Textile Industries.
  • Defense Installation LPTs, HPTs, Broadcasting, Telecommunications.
  • Sophisticated research instruments are used in Medical, agriculture, educational, and other Research Institutions.
  • Offset Printing presses, Color Scanners/Processors, Phototypesetters, Photographic Equipment, Photocopiers, and packing industries.
  • Petrol Pumps.
  • Medical Equipment, X-Ray Machines, ECG Machines/ Monitors, Refrigerated systems, centrifuges, NMR, MRI, Oxygen Plant and CT Scanners.
  • Air Conditioning Plant
LED TV / Freez Series

Technical Specifications: Single Phase/ Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer