HT (AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulators were developed to deal with the irregularities in the voltage. It is a high-tension stabilizer, which is responsible for protecting your equipment and electrical appliances from getting damaged due to voltage fluctuations. These High Tension regulators can also conserve energy by supplying a stable input voltage.

The regulators consist of two interconnected tanks. One of the tanks houses the distribution and buck-boost transformers and the other carries the servo voltage controller. When there is voltage fluctuation on the HT side, the controller then moves the carbon brushes on the dimmer unit to add or subtract the equivalent voltage from the HT side. A bypass handle is also provided with the entire unit, which is designed for the outdoors, to ensure the voltage control unit can be bypassed.

The main function of this regulator is to filter the fluctuation before feeding it to the transformers. These regulators are extensively used in industries for achieving a stable input voltage.

BILGON manufactures high-quality of these regulators, ensuring to help the large industries protect their appliances from any mishap caused due to power fluctuations.


Usage of HT (AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulators

  • Accurate Voltage Distribution – The regulators are known for distributing accurate voltage to the electrical appliances in any industrial unit.
  • Stabilizes Low Input Ranges – In case, when a unit faces a low input range, the regulator always performs its best in stabilizing the power and delivering the required supply for the optimum performance of the equipment.

Advantages of HT (AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulators

  • It helps 5 – 10% savings on energy consumption.
  • It assures the reduction of the breakdown period of the machines by 100% capacity.
  • It is low-maintenance.
  • On load, it is step-less in voltage variation.


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